New Port Richey paintless dent repair

Got a dent or ding on your car? No need to worry, since we have specially trained and talented technicians that can take care of it.

How New Port Richey Paintless Dent Repair Works

At PDR Authority our skilled technicians utilize special tools to gain access to otherwise difficult to reach parts of your car. By using these highly specialized tools they can easily reach behind fenders, inside doors, and between body panels. This gives us the ability to return metal damaged by a dent or ding back to its original shape. Since our tools are non-invasive the factory quality of your paint job won’t diminish due to a few minor repairs. Your car can carry on in pristine condition, as if the dents had never been there before, without risking its long term resale potential.

New Port Richey Paintless Dent Repair Saves Time

PDR Authority’s dent repair services are a huge time saver. One of the biggest drawbacks of the traditional body shop are rental fees. Thanks to their lengthy process of sanding, filling, and repainting dents, it’s likely you will be left without a vehicle for a week or maybe more. This can quickly add up considering the standard rental fee can go well over $100 for two days. Our Newport Richey dent repair team on the other hand forgoes the unnecessarily long methods of body shops for a more direct approach, saving you time and money! On top of that, we provide mobile PDR services which are a great way to fit a quick fix into your daily schedule. Our technicians will come to you, so you don’t need to worry about the hassle of dropping off your vehicle or waiting several hours at the shop.

PDR Authority is New Port Richey’s premier dent repair company. We put our best foot forward by ensuring that every vehicle receives the same attention and quality of work as the last. Call us today at 727-816-8607 for your free estimate!